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‘Sea Melody’ by Kate Kos

In this edition of 'Until We Meet Again', we explore ‘Sea Melody’ by Kate Kos.
'This was one of the first paintings I created outdoors during the first lockdown. I painted it in Courtown Harbour at the end of May. At the time there was only one boat in the harbour and I thought it looked beautiful in its isolation with water sparkling around it. Normally I wouldn't be able to paint this as the harbour would be full of other boats and there usually would be the crowds on normal May weekend. It reminded me of our own isolation at the time. I called it 'Sea Melody', because it was so quiet and peaceful I could immersed myself in the painting and all I could hear was the gentle sound of waves crashing against the shore.’
Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece with us Kate. You can visit katekos.com to find out more about Kate and her work.

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