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'The Cahore Collection' by Eithne Ryan


In this edition of 'Until We Meet Again', we explore the work of Cahore based artist Eithne Ryan. 

'I live in the seaside Village of Cahore and most of my oil paintings are seascapes, primarily rock formations, rock pools and the beach. I am privileged to have this inspiration on my doorstep

I think locals and visitors alike really embraced and took solace in the beauty of the natural landscape of Cahore in during summer and the lockdowns.

I have been fortunate to be able to keep working throughout 2020 and my routine did not overly change. This allowed me to immerse myself in my work in these challenging times.'

Thank you Eithne for sharing these wonderful pieces and your insight with us. To find out more about Eithne's work, please visit http://www.eithneryan.com/


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