Dear Valued Guest, 

It is with the greatest of pleasure that we have the opportunity to welcome new and returning guests back to Seafield Hotel & Spa Resort.   

As Covid-19 has changed the landscape of our interaction in social settings, and is ever evolving, we wish to acknowledge that your Health and Safety during your time with us, and that of our team is our number one priority. Therefore, we here at Seafield Hotel and Spa Resort have implemented and keep under review our COVID POLICY of stringent operational procedures. 

This Policy includes detailed Health & Safety protocols which have been developed in line with H.S.E., Government, and Irish Hotels Federation guidelines, and will be implemented in advance of our reopening. These detailed protocols focus on health and hygiene in all aspects of our hotel, spa and restaurant operations.  

Some measures will be highly visible throughout the Hotel & Resort, others will be combined into our service offerings, and many others back-of-house will even go unnoticed during your stay. In all cases, the wellbeing of our guests and colleagues will be afforded our utmost consideration, so that you may continue to enjoy your time at Seafield in safety and with peace of mind. 

We fully appreciate that certain measures may cause initial inconvenience, however, for us to proactively move forward we must work together by adhering to these new measures.  

Outlined below are our procedures which underpin our commitment to you and what you can expect of us, and us of you during your time here.   


·         Visible markings will guide you safely in the hotel lobby, and our colleagues will observe social distancing whilst checking you in and out. 

·         Guests are invited to prepay their accommodation package on check-in, thereby reducing/eliminating unnecessary queuing on check-out.

·         Charging facility from our various outlets has been withdrawn until further notice, and we invite our guests to pay as you go for services, at this time.

·         Contactless payment options will be encouraged. Where this is not possible, payment terminals will be disinfected before and after each transaction. This is not compulsory with cash accepted in all departments should it be necessary. 

·         Key Cards will be disinfected with medical-grade antimicrobial agent after each stay. 


Communal Areas 

·         Vigorous and frequent cleaning and disinfecting of all surfaces and touch points is being carried out throughout the resort, we are proud to use the certified products of ECOLAB in the provision of this. 

·         Furniture usage in lobbies and communal areas will be organised in such a way to allow you to enjoy our facilities with proper social distancing. 

·         Hand sanitiser stations are available throughout the resort at every necessary location. 

·         Signage will remain in place throughout our public areas to remind our guests to observe social distancing and handwashing. 

·         Doorways will be left open where permitted, to reduce contact, and elevator usage will be monitored to limit capacity and ensure priority access for those in need. 

·         Parents must always supervise and remain present with children.    

·         Please respect the guidance or advice issued by management and team members whilst with us 


Oceo Spa 

·         From 7th December 2021. all guests of Oceo Spa will be requested to present covid vaccination certificate or proof of recovery and photographic ID upon entering the Spa Area.

·         To ensure that we can actively and effectively manage social distancing for guests using our Thermal Spa Facilities, booking a daily visiting time to our Oceo Spa will be essential.  

·         Guests are requested to ready themselves for Spa Services and Treatments in their given bedrooms as changing areas will not be available in the Spa. 



·         A thorough and comprehensive cleaning and disinfection program is in place for all guest bedrooms and bathrooms in preparation for your arrival with further additional attention being given to all touch points throughout. 

·         All additional collateral, soft furnishings and non-essential items will be removed from our bedrooms; so that we can focus on the highest levels of cleanliness. 

·         Together with our Laundry Partner our Linens will be handled with extreme care to prevent raising dust and potential contamination; used linen will be washed at a minimum of 70°C for at least 25 mins to kill potential bacteria. 

·         Newspapers, magazines and collateral will be removed from guestrooms and public areas, in preference to complimentary Wi-Fi access across the resort to allow our guest access these facilities through mobile devices. 

·         Guest Directories have been replaced with digital version, available through Channel 25 of your Bedroom’s TV  

·         It is respectfully requested that guests do not enter bedrooms or apartments of fellow guests, and enter only those to which they are assigned.  



·         From 7th December 2021, all Guests will be requested to present covid vaccination certificate or proof of recovery and photographic ID upon entry to our Greenroom Restaurant & Village Bar & Grill.

·         The wearing of face coverings by guests is mandatory in our Food & Beverage areas when entering and leaving and whilst being seated by team members. Face masks must be worn, by guests, at all times other than when seated at their table. 

·         For Non-Resident Dining, presentation of proof of vaccination together with photographic ID is mandatory.

·         Contact tracing details will be required, on entry to each outlet for dining.

·         A maximum of 6 adult guests (over the age of 13 years) will be seated together in our Food & Beverage outlets, no multiple tables can be booked, nor can there be an intermingling of tables permitted.  

·         Reservations for Breakfast, Afternoon Tea & Dinner will be essential to allow our teams provide the standard of service you can rightfully expect of us.  

·         Following infrastructural risk assessments; all of our dining services will now be ‘in outlet only’ (table service in our restaurant and bar). In room dining and beverage services will not be available. 

·         Our Breakfast Buffet services will happily be served by our Culinary Team with the utmost care and attention. 

·         Menus will be removed from tables and disposed of or disinfected as appropriate after each guest in our Village Bar and Grill & Greenroom Restaurant  

·         Tableware including all used and unused wares, condiments and linens will be removed and disinfected after each party has left.  

·         Table tops and chair arms will be disinfected after each seating. 

·         In line with Government policy, Table service only will apply.  

·         Last orders of Beverages will be 11.30pm in all outlets, with outlets closing at midnight as per current restrictions of Government.    


Our Teams 

·         Through the work of our Covid Response Team, an enhanced educational and training program for all our colleagues will run continuously, to ensure the utmost levels of safety and security throughout all areas of our operations. 

·         Any local health guidelines around the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment will be strictly adhered to by our teams across all departments from guest services to back-of-house and kitchens. 

·         The wearing of face coverings by team members in our Food & Beverage areas is mandatory.  

·         A robust handwashing program is in place with all employees required to thoroughly wash their hands every 60 minutes, and following each task.  

If you have any queries that are not answered above, please contact us on  
We trust that you will enjoy your time with us here at Seafield Hotel & Spa Resort. 

Yours sincerely,  

Micheal Cunningham 



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