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Oceo Spa Products

If we were to tell you that we could help you look visibly healthier and younger in just one treatment you probably wouldn’t believe us, but the fact is we can. We can’t however take the credit for the new you. An initiator by the name of Dr. Nadia Payot, in 1927, believed that face and body are reflected in skin that lives and breathes. Dr. Nadia conceived ways to help women look fresher and younger by reducing the signs of ageing through Nadia’s exclusive range of her aptly named “Payot”. She committed herself to producing a line of skincare products dedicated to helping your skin through a monologue of movements, textures, aromas and sensations to ensure total well-being and provide the best skin care available for visible and efficient results.
Through innovation and constant evolution, Elemis’ goal is to constantly strive for new discoveries in therapeutic skin science. Elemis is a way of living and is embracing the ever-changing needs of today’s hectic lifestyles.
Leighton Denny MBE is a leading expert and an internationally recognised figure in the beauty world with a multi-award winning range of nail products. With a vast amount of significant achievements, he also possesses a star-studded client list that includes Kate Moss, Penelope Cruz and Adele.

Safe and effective for the nine month s t r e t c h. Pregnancy is the biggest challenge your skin will ever face. Think about it... you're going to grow 30+ inches and then speedily shrink back down – that is tough! It is also a time in your life when everyone has copious advice for you; some useful, some just downright scary. Mama Mio is your secret weapon to cope with the whole 9 month s t r e t c h; keeping you safe and sound, whilst mega-elasticising your skin so you regain your former glory after baby arrives Happy Mama - Happy Baby!
Forget everything you know about candles....Forget everything you know about bath oils and body products..., SAY HELLO TO NEOM!! Neom have created the most incredibly powerful, organic range of luxury bath, body & home fragrance products that all work as treatments to make you feel more relaxed, more energized or even just a whole lot happier. New studies show that the average woman is using over 250 chemicals on her skin every day! With that in mind Neom have created an award winning brand that adds a little bit of luxury into your everyday routines... Oceo Spa therapists specialise in the "Neom Top to Toe Organic Indulgence" A must for all massage lovers!
Vita Liberata - The A List Tan as used on X-Factor, Organic, Paraban Free & Odourless! It is so easily blended on the skin, gives an instant chocolaty colour, smells of absolutely nothing, and looks good enough to wear straight away.
We believe that the most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin. That is why every product we bring you not only enhances your beauty but is also a true extension of skin care. And you’ll love how easy our products are to apply and how long they last on your skin without the need for touch ups. Mineral foundations make your life easier too because they area base, concealer, powder and sunscreen all in one. We also keep our products as natural as possible while making sure that they perform at the highest level. For more information please click here
Gelish® Soak Off Gel Polish , Performs like a Gel, Applies like a Polish. Gelish® is the first brush-in-bottle gel polish ever invented, has a 21 day wear and is available in 150+ colours! Gelish® utilizes specially formulated soak off gel, quick and accurate cure times and easy 10 minute removal process with NO natural nail damage. Why not try it out today!
We are delighted to introduce Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter - this 1 HOUR TAN is a revolutionary, express Spray Tan solution that develops into a beautiful natural looking tan in just 1 hour. This first of a kind formulation combines hi-tech accelerating agents, which are activated upon contact with your skin and speed up the tan's development, to deliver a rich, cocoa brown tan.
Oceo Spa is the only agent in the South East to have this fantastic, completely natural, detox package which has became an instant hit with celebrities and is a favourite of Amy Huberman, Brian O’ Driscoll and Pippa O’Connor to name just a few.
This 3 day detox, which includes 4 juices per day is fantastic value at just €66.00. For more information on this fantastic new product please contact Oceo Spa directly on 053 94 85120 or check out the ‘Bubblicity’ website,
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